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  • Marina Zayats

    Professional background

    • Studied Business & Economics in Frankfurt. Wrote my Bachelor thesis about "The Start-up Nation Israel and its learnings for the German entrepreneurship ecosystem".
    • Studied International Business & Marketing in London (Master).
    • Internship in San Francisco at a music-tech Start-up in Marketing & PR. 
    • Worked for one of the biggest communications consultancies in the world (Brunswick Group).
    • Became self-employed in 2015, to have full creative freedom over my work.
    • My clients include tech start-ups, middle-sized players and major enterprises in various industries.
    • In addition, I'm helping entrepreneurs & corporate leaders build their personal brand.

    Personal background

    • Born in Minsk (Belarus), raised in Frankfurt.
    • TEDxFrankfurt ambassador since 2015.
    • Organized the first TEDxWomen Event in Frankfurt in November 2017.
    • Organizer of Start-up tours for international corporations.
    • Global Shaper (network of the World Economic Forum). Curator in 2016/17 of the Frankfurt Hub.
    • Organizer of monthly #SkillUpNights that facilitate professionals training for women in the fields of business, innovation & leadership. 
    • Passionate about the power of smart networking: I connect about 6 people each week.
    • Learning new things (especially in the fields of personal branding, communication, psychology, Innovation & digital transformation) is a strong driver.
    • Currently writing a book on "Digital personal branding" with the Springer Verlag.
    Feel free to reach out if you'd like to be part in any of the above mentioned organizations or just connect!
  • WORK

    Corporate Communication

    • Crafting a strategic plan tailored to your specific goals (whether it's more market awareness, a stronger employer brand or sales support)
    • Building & strengthening my client's most valuable communication channels & relationships
    • Engaging content that reaches the right audience
    • Sparrings Partner for your Marketing- & Communication department
    • CEO-communication

    Digital Personal Branding

    Helping individuals craft & grow their digital personal brand

    • Increase your visibility as an expert
    • Reach your target audience faster 
    • Support your personal career goals more effectively

    Helping companies to train their employees as "corporate influencers"

    • Strengthen your employer brand
    • Communicate your corporate mission with "one voice"
    • Social Selling: Empower your sales team to drive results through the smart usage of social media 

    Secret sauce

    Skills & experience are essential, but without passion & dedication, the results are only half as good. In all I do, I also bring the following to the table:

    • Strong links to the start-up & innovation ecosystem allow me to challenge my client's status quo & offer unconventional solutions.
    • Connector & facilitator: I connect about 6 people per week & thereby create value for my network beyond my work.
    • Member of global communities like TEDx & Global Shapers. Being part of smart & diverse communities, offers me a holistic perspective.
    • In all what I do, I never forget to have a good amount of fun. My clients value me for being easy to work with, while at the same time being reliable & insightful.
  • "I worked with Marina in Communications, PR, Influencer Marketing, Coaching & Start-Up Culture. Marina is a true shaper - of others and herself. She is fearless. Hard working. Honest. Fun to work with and 150% motivated with a great desire to learn and develop. I can highly recommend Marina!"


    Stephan Rathgeber, Director Marketing,

    Digital & Comunications // ManpowerGroup




    "Marina combines a very professional attitude and great client service with a fresh, unconventional view on corporate communication which enables her to implement customized solutions for clients."


    Vishal Rai,

    Founder & CEO // Acellere

    "Marina is very dedicated, always focusing on her client's needs and goals. She creates measurable value - not just through her work but also by opening her network and connecting the right people."


    Daniel Putsche,

    CEO // CandyLabs

    "Working with Marina is fast, reliable and fun.

    She translates ideas directly into efficient strategies and concrete actions,

    creating immediate value for our corporate communication."


    Patrik Rehn

    Regional Director // Meritmind





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